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Our mission is to spread love, knowledge, and empathy.

Welcome to Magenta Sun Healing! Chloe M. Moers is the founder of Unconditional Love Reiki and facilitates all the sessions and classes. Chloe does sessions for everyone from adults, children, babies, animals, plants, spirits, and the Earth!

All Sessions are Sliding-Scale. The price range is between 25$-125$ a session. To book a session with a sliding scale; email Chloe at

Animal Communication

Chloe will go into meditation and communicate with the animal of your choosing to give and receive information and answer any questions you may have. She can also give the animal Unconditional Love Energy for the root cause of any physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issues they are struggling with.

Channeling Session/Past Life


Chloe will connect to your higher self, spirit guide, being, or an animal spirit and have them channel through her to have a conversation with you. They can give advice and answer any life questions you may have about yourself and others. Your higher self can also share information about past-life experiences.

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Unconditional Love Reiki

The session will be tailored to you and anything you may be going through as well as reviewing any goals you have. We will begin with a short conversation on your struggles and your goals and then we will go into the energy healing portion of the session for between 20 minutes- 1 hour depending on the length of time you would prefer. We will complete the session with a channeling of an animal spirit, higher self, or spirit guide- depending on your preference- to share messages and answer any life questions you have about the past, present, or future or about other individuals within your life. 

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Channeled Meal Plan

All Meal Plans are Plant-Based and designed to raise your vibration and promote internal and external peace and wellbeing. 

For the meal plan it can be Fruitarian, Raw Vegan or cooked and Plant-Based. 

The entire meal plan will be channeled from your higher self and it will include a daily custom channeled guided meditation and a daily meditative practice. 

You can choose between a week long plan (sliding scale between 65$- 400$) or a month long plan (245$-1400$)

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Galactic Energy Healing Session

In Galactic Energy Healing Sessions a being such as an Arcturian, Angel, Higher Self or Mother Earth Consciousness will channel through Chloe and provide a healing session for you.

Each session is unique in the reactions and experiences. 

A session can be for physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing.

Contact Chloe directly to go over your healing needs.

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