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Our mission is to spread love, knowledge and empathy.

Hello, my name is Chloe Moers and I am a reiki master, channeler, animal reiki practitioner, quantum reiki master, past life regression therapist, crystal healer and animal communicator.  I live in Providence, RI.


 "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."- Anatole France. 


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My Healing Services

Sliding Scale

1 Hour Quantum Reiki  session

Heal the mind, spirit and body

Quantum reiki is known as the channel where all other forms of reiki are derived from. It is extremely powerful and uses 5th dimensional energy. For a session I am able to come to wherever you are located if it is within 30 miles of Providence. Otherwise, I can have sessions at Thrive Tribe, RI, Spectrum India or my backyard in Lincoln Woods Park for reiki treatments. There is a sliding scale, the average price is between $30 and $120 for an hour, although this can be lowered to even 15$ if needed. Sessions can be a mix of both reiki and channeling.

30-60 Minute Channeling session

Be engaged in Healing  through direct communication to connect with a Higher Self, being or loved one

With this you are able to speak with a past relative, higher self, spirit guide, elemental, being or animal spirit. Unresolved feelings will be at peace and knowledge will be offered to you. Sessions are able to be held through Skype, FaceTime or face to face. For a session it is sliding scale and the average price paid is between $30-120$ an hour although this can be as low as $15 if needed.

Private Classes 

Interested in learning reiki, quantum reiki, animal communication/animal reiki, the chakras, how to talk to your higher self, Unconditional Love Reiki or how to channel? 

These classes are tailored to you depending on what you are interested in learning about. They can be either through Skype or Zoom or in person. If in person we can go to a location such as a park or even an animal sanctuary. For reiki, certificates will be provided. The price is sliding scale of between 20$-120$ an hour. If needed a free session can be provided. Please feel free to contact Chloe with any questions.


Psychic Ability Mentoring

This is for anyone who may experience visions, out of body experiences, may sense or hear spirits or are curious to learn Quantum metal bending, mind over matter or any other skill. Your higher self will be able to share your skills and then I can show you how to unlock them. 

No experience is necessary and there will also be a channeled being to guide you through the process.

It is pay what you feel right from a price range between 30$ and 120$ an hour.

Elemental Ability Mentoring

A series of classes will be taught one on one.

To find out what elemtnal abilities you have, I will begin by channeling the soul of Mother Earth for her to share messages and answer any questions.


Custom meditations, affirmations and even meal plans will be made.


It is pay what you are able to from a price range between 30$ and 150$ an hour.

You can schedule a free call to find out if this is right for you at any time!

Close Up of Elephant

Animal Reiki Session

For animals who need a little extra care

Some animals need a little extra care and support whether they are going through a hard time, have arthritis or maybe came from a hard situation. I offer reiki sessions for any animal whether it be a farm animal, pet or wild animal. This can also help bonding between the caregiver. I am able to travel within 30 miles of Providence and can travel more if transportation is provided. The suggested price depends on the time needed with the animal but it is pay what you are able. Please email or text me with any questions. Because of covid-19 sessions are primarily long distance.

Black Dog

Animal Communication Session

Is there something that needs to be communicated between you and your animal?

This can be done both in person and long distance through a photo. The photo must be current if the animal is dealing with a current problem. This can also be done with animals who have passed away. I am able to help find missing animals and can even help you pick out the perfect companion. Please contact me to schedule an appointment and to ask any questions. It is sliding scale but, the average price paid is anywhere between $20-$120. If this is out of your affordability range then it can be adjusted. 


Baby Reiki Session

Do you have a baby who is having any troubles?

This is for any baby who may have a hard time sleeping at night, have any physical or emotional complications or a baby who just needs a little energy boost. No touching is needed and I can provide either long distance or in person sessions. This can also help bond family members such as the mother and baby, father and baby or even sibling and baby from energy and chakra bonding and connecting. It is pay what you are able with a sliding scale, the average price is between $20-$120 but the price can be as low as needed. Sessions can be in person or long distance.

Past Life Regression Reading 

Are you having an issue in your life that isn't being resolved or do you have curiosity?

This will be on average between 20 and 40 minutes. 

For a past life regression reading, Chloe will go into a meditation and experience a past life of yours that needs to be brought up and then she will share all the details of it with you and afterwards your higher self or spirit guide will speak through her to guide you through the lessons you need to learn and answer any questions you may have. 


"Animal rights, gay rights, human rights- it is all the same battle, fought on different fronts. We are all living beings. We possess a desire to live, love whom we choose, and deserve to live free of brutality and oppression."

Dr. Holly Wilson

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