You are Infinite

A collection of channeled writings, poetry, resilience, and personal growth

I began writing this book at the age of 16 and finished writing it a few months after I turned 17. By this point, I was already deep into my spiritual journey and I was fully involved in my life path. I had become a Reiki Master by this point and I was about to learn Animal Communication. 

I wrote when I felt inspired. I wrote when I merged with my higher self, when I felt euphoric, when I realized the purpose of life and when I became once with life itself. 

I hope you enjoy this book and that it reminds you that you are infinite. A PDF and physical copy are up for purchase.


You are infinite love.


Price: Sliding scale: 5$-30$

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Animal Communication Book

PDF and Soft Cover available!

In February I traveled to Costa Rica with the purpose of creating a book by channeling different animals in the Rainforests, cities, farms, and the beaches. This is what I managed to create. 

At times it was heartbreaking and at times inspiring and life-changing. I love you all and I am honored to share these animals voices with you and the world