Videos from Chloe

Here you can watch healing, educational, and interesting videos made by Chloe, along with a channeling podcast she was interviewed on. Her Youtube channel is called "Magenta Sun Healing"

Purple Glow

Channeling Interview on a podcast.

I was interviewed for this live podcast in August of 2021. I hope you enjoy listening to this interview with a long channeling and spiritual Q&A. 

Video for Receiving Distance Animal Reiki

You can play this video in the same room or space as an animal individual, and if the animal individual is not here you then set your intention for the animal individual (or several) to receive the healing for their greatest and highest good. I made this video with the intention that any animal individual connecting to the video through their human will receive the healing energy.

IMG_9815 (1).jpg

Receive Unconditional Love Energy

When watching this free video, you and your household (including animals connected to you) will receive Unconditional Love Reiki. I sent distance energy with this intention set. Enjoy.