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Love Reiki

This branch of Reiki heals the root cause of any issue for animals, humans, and the planet.

All classes are channeled by the consciousness of Unconditional Love and incorporate telepathic/heart space communication from humans to all species.

The hatred/fear on Earth is causing something deadly and that is apathy. When people are apathetic, fearful, and full of anger (or hatred) they can create chaos in the form of deforestation, factory farming, physical and emotional abuse, climate change, war, and more. 

When we add hate or fear to this already growing trend it will not solve it. 

Hating the person who hurt you or fearing dogs because one bit you will not solve the situation. 

Unconditional love is here to permanently and positively transform the world- including both the victims and the perpetrators. To end the cycle, everyone needs love, true love and positive transformational healing.

This is why I went into deep meditation and channeled Unconditional Love to discover this branch of Reiki. I am tired of seeing so many lives being taken because of ignorance, fear, and hatred. Unconditional Love Reiki is what I am doing about it. Instead of crying or fighting, I shall love. Love is not draining, it is empowering and healing. 

See how you can share unconditional love and acceptance one moment at a time.

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