Would you like to learn reiki and more?

Magenta Sun Healing offers workshops in order to spread love and healing modalities so that everyone can heal themselves and others. Join us in our mission to free all species from their suffering.

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Empath Protection and Ability Learning

Are you an empath?

In this 5 hour course, you will learn how to protect yourself as an empath by closing your aura by choice as well as only connecting to individuals energies that you intentionally reach out to. 

You will also learn how to use your natural-born abilities such as transferring emotions, thoughts, and experiences as well as taking away pain, suffering, and trauma from individuals and allowing these blockages and experiences to transform into light and go into the Earth.

Channeled beings will speak and answer questions and how to Communicate to your higher self will be shown in a unique method.

By the end of the course, you will connect to being yourself and an Empath in a newfound way while feeling confident,

loved, and protected.

Dates: November 8th (Saltitude), November 22nd (Thrive Tribe RI)

Hours: 10am-3pm

Price: 120$

Sliding Scale option available upon request

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Unconditional Love Reiki 2

Become an Unconditional Love for All Reiki Practitioner

In this level 2 course, you will learn advanced telepathic communication for all species as well as different healing symbols and long-lasting energy infusions. You will also be able to perform distance healing sessions for all species for the past, present, and future. 

By the end of the course, you will have new energies to use for sessions and be able to have sessions professionally.

Location: Thrive Tribe RI 

Date: Sunday, November 29th

Time: 10am-4:30pm

Price: 150$

Location: Saltitude 

Date: Sunday, December 13th

Time: 10am-4:30pm

Price: 150$


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