About Chloe

My Story

My name is Chloe Moers and I began energy work at the age of 13. At this age I had no idea what reiki was and used energy healing to help my friends with trauma and stress. At the age of 15 I discovered reiki and channeling and a long with it, I discovered myself. I have always loved animals, I grew up being a vegetarian and an animal rights activist and later on choosing to become a vegan at age 15. I felt in my heart that this was not enough to just not eat animals and I always felt I must heal and protect them, this is when I realized that I could also give animals reiki and not just people. It turned out to be so effective that I just could not stop! I started researching animal communicators and I found Anna Breytenbach. Her documentary pushed me to take animal communication classes and from there I connected with them on a deeper level. Reiki is a beautiful gift and I would like to share this gift with the world, connecting both humans with other animals and sharing messages and knowledge between species. Thank you for your empathy and compassion.


Vision of Healing

Past Life Regression Experience

I sat in my chair during a group class at the Atisha Kadampa Buddhist Center. We were led through a meditation. The goal of this group meditation we were being led through was just to settle our mind and be mindful but, I set a different intention. I decided to ask the question "What brought me to healing?" and my heart space showed me the answer. I began seeing a body of water and within this water there was a tiny nymph around 2-3 inches long. I realized that she was me as I began to explore our lifetime from her perspective. I witnessed a fish come up to us with an injury. (this fish was about 3 times her size) and she used energy to completely heal the wound on the fish! Within just a few moments. I intuitively felt that she was the healer in her tribe and felt so blessed to have seen who I once was. Now I know why I am so connected to the element of water and to energy healing.