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Included in the course are many guided methods to connect, communicate, and channel positive energies, essences, beings, spirit guides, higher selves, and consciousnesses in a safe and protected way. 


You will also receive information on activating a Merkaba field, uplifting your energy, and preparing for connection, and you will receive an energy activation video for keeping your channel open and protected to assist you in unlocking your abilities and assisting with meditation and channeling.


The entire course is lifetime access! So there is no rush in completing it. I will be here to answer any and all questions you may have along the way. 


Because I would prefer to offer a sliding scale than a set price, you can Venmo, Cashapp, Paypal,  Zelle, or Apple Pay me any amount that works for you (even 1$) and include your email and the caption of "Animal Communication Course" to receive the course directly. If you prefer a set price, then you can book through here (this website). The suggested sliding scale is between 1$- 250$. 


My Venmo is @Chloe-Moers

My Cashapp is $ChloeMoers

My Zelle and Apple Pay number is +1 (401) 275-3750

And my Paypal email is (2 M's in the middle)


Included is a 100-page written transcript in addition to the videos. 

Learn How to Channel Full Online Course

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