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The mission of Unconditional Love Reiki is to spread joy, love, peace, empathy, and compassion for all life for their greatest and highest good.

Level 1 Unconditional Love Reiki shares the information on how to self-heal, communicate with higher selves, animals, and various beings, in addition to how to set up an Unconditional Love Merkaba field for yourself and young children, the differences between intuition and instinct, how to provide Earth sessions for all life to benefit from, and more.


To purchase a paperback for 13$, copy and paste this link:


To receive your attunement and certificate for Unconditional Love Reiki Level 1, please contact Chloe at or book the service directly. This is needed in order to learn Unconditional Love Reiki Level 2 to become an Unconditional Love Reiki practitioner. 


You can also receive the playlist for this course via YouTube or through this website.

Unconditional Love Reiki Level 1 E-Book

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