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This course is focused on self-healing, interspecies communication, grounding, mindfulness, raising vibration, and sharing love with yourself and all of Earth. A guide to a beginner Earth-healing session is also included.


Thank you for shining and awakening love!


Once you finish all the videos in the Unconditional Love Reiki level 1 playlist, please email Araya Love (Chloe) at or to receive your attunement and certificate.


To receive your attunement and certificate at a set price, you can click on this link:


Please email Araya Love directly to receive your attunement and certificate at a sliding scale price (anywhere between 15 USD- 115 USD). If you would prefer to trade services or provide an offering of Nature, you can also share this via email.


The purpose of this attunement is to open the energy channel of an individual to channel and connect the essence of Unconditional Love Consciousness to a heightened and higher attuned awareness. 


To receive the course for Unconditional Love Reiki Level 2, the attunement and certificate must be received for Unconditional Love Reiki Level 1. Level 1 is for self-healing and Earth healing. Level 2 contains advanced techniques; including distance energy healings and providing energy healings for other humans and/or other species.


You are a beautiful being of love! Love on.

Unconditional Love Reiki Level 1 Video and Written Course

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