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This is a signed high-quality hardcover book of "Within" on uncoated premium paper (different from what can be purchased through Amazon). 


Within ~ a meditative journey with a camel, a star, and a human into One Love through opening one’s heart and mind to emerge within the 5th dimension, a dimension of love and learning, a place and perspective where all is possible. Experience channeled visions and guidance through the Heart of Mother Earth.


Excerpt from Within: "One can’t help but smile and laugh with sweet joyful tears pouring out to share body with Mother Ocean. She caresses and releases our burdens and uplifts the light within- assisting in the natural cleansing power of star. When a star is uplifted, the star may shine.We merge within Mother Ocean and open our now one eye to experience being. So much energy, experienced in colors of turquoise and blues beyond blues, lights within light, all dancing with one another and us."


Note from the Author, M.E. (Chloe): I have read too many books that are fear-based, so I decided to create one that is founded, infused, and of LOVE. We are love-based beings who thrive on being inspired and energized by vibrant and real Love. This book was created to uplift your mind, heart, spirit, and soul; to help you feel One again.

Within ~ Hardcover Book

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