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Attunement for ULR Level 1

Unconditional Love Reiki Level 1 Certificate and Attunement

  • 15 min
  • 22.22 US dollars

Service Description

You will receive an email with the certificate for Unconditional Love Reiki Level 1 (with your name on it) within 2-3 weeks of your attunement. This certificate is needed for Unconditional Love Reiki level 2. To receive the attunement and certificate, first you must complete the playlist and/or written course for Unconditional Love Reiki Level 1. If you have any questions on this, you can email me at or For the attunement, please rest comfortably. It is recommended to listen to nature sounds, 528 Hz, or to play this video (if able and resonating) : To receive this certificate via sliding scale or by exchanging services or via a gift from nature (or hand-made), you can email me as well. IMPORTANT: The attunement is in silence and not via a phone call or video call (despite the option below). To request an attunement via a phone call, video call, or in person- please email me.

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