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All Life is Source Love Incarnated

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Here is an excerpt from my new online course on learning interspecies (animal) communication.

This is also found is the book I will be releasing soon on opening your heart and learning interspecies communication.

All life originates from source. We are one with love, we are love, we are created from love, we are formed from and of love. We are all love.

Fear is only an illness and lesson that has infected many, but it is not who anyone is. A “negative entity” is not inherently negative as they have love within their core. They have just been taken over by fear and have forgotten who they are. Their mission is to reconnect with love and transform fear. When all love connects with the love within them, it transforms their fear back into love, and they are able to find peace and spread this peace- instead of being vampiric. One only excessively and forcefully takes from another when they are not whole themselves. This comes from fear. Fear is the root of suffering. Even a broken bone does not cause suffering when we surrender fully into love and feel no fear.

This concept can be hard for many to understand. How are we all love if fear exists? Fear was created as an illusionary obstacle to teach energy how to overcome anything to come back to their original state of source love. It is a lesson for gaining wisdom, awareness, and peaceful strength. It is not meant to break you down, it is designed to reconnect you to the greatest of love by your own will and life force power.

Now that this has been established, remember, all life is source love incarnated. The bees, trees, various insects, plants, crystals, stones, herbs, earth, bacteria, all animals- including humans, and the energy that is everything are all source love incarnated.

When fear created the desire to change life to match a part of us that was empty and deprived of love, we made the decision to alter life. We domesticated many species to use them to our liking and we even domesticated ourselves. Many species, not just the ones in our fields and homes, have been domesticated and altered by our fear-based desires and feeling of lacking. These species are out of balance and need to take a lot from their surroundings to feel close to whole as this is the energy that was infused into them.

Taking more than we give is not balanced. We must live in a harmonious flow to be at peace and to have others experience and channel this peace as well.

So how do we achieve this? We live compassionately, we give and receive in balance, we are mindful of ourselves and others- we even realize that we are one with love, we let go continuously and live in flow with love, and we release all fear and increase intuition. We open our hearts and experience/manifest through our heart mind in our heart space rather than our analytical head minds.

When we accept and experience that all life is source love incarnated, we become truly free within ourselves and we do not take lives unnecessarily. We do not eat the bodies of those who have suffered. We do not hurt the Earth to receive our unnecessary desires. We are okay with just being here, being us, being love.


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