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Passionate Creation Evolution

In a world of passion, we are together.

In a world of passion, there is no we, there is only free.

In a free world, we move with the calling of love and release all the barriers of resistance. There is no resistance of change when we are the change.

When we are change, we are a part of creation. As creation, we are continuously manifesting life.

As life manifests, anything out of alignment goes through metamorphosis.

Through metamorphosis, wings are granted and we fly within the frequency of love that is now all.

Now all, we are one.

Now one, we are all.

All as one. One as all.

In harmony, we open.

As we open, our hearts expand.

As our hearts expand, there is an era of peace.

As peace flourishes, we grow from expansion founded on pure blissful love, and suffering is understood- not endured.

We endure what we are and what we embrace.

In this moment, what we embrace is love.

In this everflowing, always being, present moment, we are continuously one as love.

And so it is.

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