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In Awareness

This is a story of awakening cosmic awareness channeled for the book "Opening Our Heart to Communicate with All Life" which will be released soon to the public.

He was walking down a long pathway that felt endless. With every step he took, he felt as though he was sinking into the vastness of space. All around him were flashing colors and lights, an array of creation.

When taking a moment to peer into the flashing lights, he could see the faces of children smiling, parents fighting, people making love, some animals ravaging one another, and others cuddling and forming community. He saw the tops of trees and the lives within them. He saw how the souls and spirits of each individual reacted with every emotion and energy exchange they went through.

He experienced who had their DNA fully activated and who had theirs suppressed by their environment and beLIEfs.

He saw the faces of those about to pass and the grief of their loved ones.

He saw every genocide being committed against each species.

In a single ray of light was the whole universe, not just ours but universes in other places and on top of ours, in ours.

Not only did he experience Earth life, but beyond was shown; species he had never seen before, emotions he didn’t know how to convey or experience, wisdom too sacred for just his mind and his ears alone. No sound was coming from this light yet all of his senses were activated.

He felt charged up from what he was witnessing but also disconnected from his own self.

If all this is contained in a single ray of light, what about every other ray? He pondered. How vast is creation? Is this a vision or is this a place of storage?

Who Am I?

He let go of his attachment to exploring the rays of light and concluded that all is everywhere and everything is here. He is no different then barely a spec of light particle. He is in it and he is it. Yet, he feels different than everything as a whole.

He contemplates whether he is part of a whole or the whole itself. Is there anything at all? What is nothing? Is everything nothing? How can it be? How can it not be?

He explored his mind while continuing to walk down the endless limitless pathway. The colors of bouncing light were glowing in every direction. Even though they felt infused into the walls, it was as if there was no wall. The light had no beginning and no end. It just was, just shining and sharing its wisdom.

As he continued to walk, he experienced his beliefs. What lies did they hold? What is the truth? He wondered. Why am I here and how did I get here?

As he continued to walk forward, he began to let go more and more. His thoughts started to cease as the vastness was pulling him into a space of nothing where everything is contained.

Walking didn’t feel right as his mind started to fracture and bloom like the setting sun. So he began to dance, he dances as the rays reflected off of him. Instead of focusing first on the colors of the rays, then what was shown in them, and then on his mind's perceptions of them, he decided to just feel them. He danced to their flow and let go.

Each and every thought had turned from a seed into oxygen. The transition point had already occurred. He was breathing in the light that surrounded, allowing himself to become that light.

He continued to dance and move, feeling lighter and lighter, feeling the experience of the colors and noticing that all the light had something in common, they were filled with love and as the light was being absorbed through his breath, he became filled with love too.

This love was powerful, like nothing he had ever experienced. This love beaming from within the light, infused within his very core and all of his being. With every inhale, his dances started to shift. They had become more wavy and flowing. He felt as though he were floating and that love was carrying him.

He opened his eyes with a heart filled with creation and absorbed the essence of light from every direction. The light welcomed him and his body began to transform. The light became a reflection of him and he became the light.

His mind no longer existed as he merged back with his love-filled center of collective light. The whole universe and beyond held in a beam of light and this light became everything as it had always been.


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