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Message from Rhino Consciousness

Remember who you are.

Remember the love you are.

Find your soul once again. Your soul shares the truth of life with you. This life was never a mistake and can never be a mistake at any point.

You are learning, growing, and expanding in every moment so learn how to release. Learn how to embrace love. Learn to be here. If you are here, truly here, you will feel love as love is all around and within us. Love is life. Love is life force energy. Love is prana, qi. Love is creation. Love is learning. You are love.

As a gentle being of Earth, it is within my foundation to be kind and to feel. I feel great empathy and compassion for others- including other species, even predators. I feel happy just being.

Happiness isn’t this excited feeling that many individuals think it to be. Happiness is peace, contentment, and a gentle uplifted feeling. Happiness is sustainable and grounding. Happiness feels like a hug of uplifting love.

Your natural state of being is happiness in love.

Your intention and specific trusts reflects.

Eat mindfully.

Rest mindfully.

Ask yourself what you embrace and what you don’t wish to face. Ask yourself what you need to learn and remember. You have the ability to access and receive any answer that is meant to be revealed to you.

Release attachment and great wisdom will be understood and explored.

Release attachment and you shall feel free.

Release attachment to know you are one, safe, and in love.

Feel my gentle yet intentional nudge for you to continue your journey. We support you. We love you. We feel you.


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