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Transforming into a Tiger

I lay in a pool of flowy abyss connected to the vast ocean. I felt alone. Everything was quiet. I knew what lay below me, the body of a giant. I knew that I was here, living in this very moment to communicate with this giant and share my being with him but my fears felt too strong. What if this giant were to take my life by accident or on purpose? What is the deep and dark abyss takes me and I lose my way to the light? What if I fall in love with this place and never wish to arise back to my given home? My fears were building.

I looked below me and all I experienced was a deepness of navy I didn’t believe my heart could handle. How can I move forward in this place? I didn’t trust myself. Something felt off but I knew I had to dive down.

As I took a deep inhale and felt the cold abyss hugging me tight, I felt something in my heart shift. I closed my eyes, dunked my head, and peered down. I opened my eyes and examined my surroundings. The dark form of a giant was below but his form appeared rough in the deep navy. Something was wrong. A sense of calmness and tranquility felt to be severely lacking. I began thrashing. I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t be here. I needed to go quickly but the surface wasn’t approaching me. I was stuck and thrashing, moving yet frozen in time and place. I felt my consciousness leaving me and the shift in my heart started to slow until my beat seemed to fade and evaporate with my will.

I stopped thrashing and held still, the giant was approaching me. My fear was replaced with acceptance at that moment.

That next moment shifted me. A tiger shark was approaching me. Her being came to observe my very soul. The idea of her presence shocked me, wasn’t she supposed to be dangerous? But her energy showed me that she was safe and that I could lean on her. She will provide. I gave in to her gaze and as I leaned into her loving spirit I merged with her form.

My limp human form lay motionless close to the surface of the dim light, but just far enough to be deprived of it’s needed essence.

I breathed in deeply within the body of this being. It was a different kind of breath, not the kind I was used to but equally refreshing. I could hear her thoughts as she spoke to me. We are going to the large blue giant. He needs to meet you personally and feel your soul. He needs to know that you bring love and not destruction. The ones who look like you have taken everything from us and have deprived his existence of love as his family passed in plastic vines and toxins. Be yourself. Be love.

I listen and accept the thoughts of this being. I feel the way she moves in the water. I see through her lenses and experience her memories of daily life and the memories of what has been taken.

We hover in front of the blue giant. He looks at us. Once again, peering into the eye of the largest life on this Earth but this time through a lens other than my own, being guided by another. This time I am the observer and the follower. I am a part, not a lead.

The being I am sharing consciousness with presents my soul through her eyes to be experienced by the blue giant. He feels me. He sees me. He relaxes. His body becomes full of love and gratitude. The ocean around his form begins to vibrate and brighten and new light shines through the navy waters, now a light and vibrant blue.

He accepts me. Harmony. Balance. Universal love connects us all.

The kind being brings me back to my limp form. I peer at my body from an unbiased perspective, really seeing the organic matter that was created to house my consciousness for this lifetime. I hear go back. Finish your mission. Spread love for all and never forget the power of your soul.

I am back in my body with my head gasping for breath at the surface. My organic matter feels weak and lethargic, but my soul feels awakened. The beautiful tiger shark holds my body at the surface, giving me time to find physical balance once again, and then she pushes me to shore. I lay on the sand and look at the morning sun. I never knew how alive I am.


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