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The Power of Opening the Heart

Opening the heart is the process of connecting to unconditional love consciousness and beautiful, positive, and uplifting creation energy.

Opening the heart chakra does not leave you vulnerable to attack and energies that do not resonate with you. Opening the heart chakra is connecting you to all life while strengthening your natural abilities for animal communication and plant connection. Opening the heart chakra connects you directly to Mother Earth, your highest self, and the divine potential of your mission here on Earth.

You are a powerful creator being, only limited by your beliefs and your mindset. You see, the physical body is not meant to block you from connecting with your gifts and spreading unconditional love. The physical body grounds you and has the purpose of assisting you in learning lessons and understanding denser life in order for you to assist from a first-hand perspective.

This body is changing, transforming, and manifesting into something more align with higher dimensional Earth and ways of being. Let it transform. Allow your thoughts and feelings to change. Allow for physical complications to occur, even if some may feel very uncomfortable or even painful. It can be hard for the subconscious mind to let go of resistance and fully accept this transformation which is why the complications of the body are occurring. This is friction.

When you open the heart you are protecting yourself. Opening the heart does not create the acceptance of abuse when done correctly and with the intention of love. Your heart chakra is a space of peace, serenity, and divine wisdom. Your akashic records can be accessed here along with an abundance of past lifetime information and connections to beings on this Earth and beyond. Your heart chakra can only connect to unconditional love, light, and all that resonates with it. Trauma and suffering do not have the ability to hurt the heart chakra but the mind does. When the mind internalizes suffering and speaks to the body, telling the emotions that they are injured and enforcing a mindset of continuous suffering- notifying the internal army that instincts need to be ramped up with new information in order to protect the vessel- then this creates an imbalance in the heart chakra. The mind creates the imbalance. When fear and instincts become stronger than intuition, compassion, and unconditional love then that is when the heart chakra can become drained.

Opening the heart chakra is healing for the mind, body, soul, and spirit. You naturally have a field of protection around you and this heart chakra contains the seeds of this powerful life force energy. When the heart chakra is open and connecting to unconditional love and life then peace and positive evolution will follow suit, peacefully with flow and ease.

How do you open your heart? Intention and release. Say this out loud or in your mind quite frequently until it comes naturally: "I open my heart chakra. I release the seed from within my heart to surround me and blossom for my greatest and highest good with the best intentions for all life. I release all that isn't for our greatest and highest good. I embrace unconditional love and open connection with all life- high vibrational and beneficial. I embrace my essence with all of my being, my mission, my purpose for this lifetime, and beyond infinite more lifetimes. I am here. I am present. I am unconditional love. I am compassionate. My heart chakra is open to protect me, connect me, and love me and others for our greatest and highest good. I send gratitude and unconditional love to all life and myself. Love wins."

Now you can either visualize your heart chakra blooming and surrounding you with love and light while untensing your muscles and breathing slow and deep inhales and exhales, or you can just do the breathing with your eyes closed without visualization. You can also call upon 5D unconditional love energy, your higher self, spirit guides, Mother Earth, and your essence to assist this process.

We are love.


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