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How to Positively Create a Prayer Manifestation

There are 3 main important components: Intention, love, gratitude, acceptance, and affirmation. It is important to manifest the prayer, not to solely ask but to always accept what you wish to receive.

An example of a complete prayer is: “I call upon and ask my higher self, my spirit guides, the Universe, Mother Earth Consciousness, and Unconditional Love Consciousness for protection, healing, and aligning me fully with my life's mission and purpose. I send unconditional love and gratitude to all that aid with this. Thank you to all and to myself. I receive this blessing of alignment, protection, and healing.” Affirmation: I am healing, I am protected, and I am in full alignment with my life's mission and purpose for the greatest and highest good.

It is important to take responsibility for your prayer; to trust in your words and manifest your intentions.

Always affirm for the greatest and highest good, as anything that is not for the greatest and highest good would not be best to manifest and receive.


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