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Universal Awakening- Transcendence Story

In a large open field stand 10,000 beings of light and darkness. They stand next to each other in countless lines, forming 2 separate armies divided only by a meter of soil. Both armies are staring directly in front, towards the shining moonlight merging with the rising sun.

There levitates a being neither of light nor darkness, both are parts of her yet she has transcended both aspects- apart and united in balance. She watches the 2 armies of light and darkness, both staring into her energy for guidance. She only looks back, curious as to how the power is experienced by such large forces.

Soon, the light and darkness armies begin feeling uncomfortable by one another's presence. Their gaze steers away from the great mother and instead on one another. The light feels repulsed by the darkness and wants to fight to end the dark. The dark feels threatened by the light and feels comforted by the idea of living in eternal night. They start merging, 2 armies as one yet embodying a feeling of chaos, distress, and unbalance. They are dueling in duality, tearing at one another- both sides desperate to win. The balance of being on separate sides of the field wasn’t enough, they wish to dominate. They view the opposite side as being that- opposite- unable to be related to and threatening to what they beLIEve is right.

Suddenly, great mother increases her presence and spreads her being to embody the entire sky and all the air in between the light and dark. She emits pure unconditional love directly from source. With every inhale, light and darkness absorb this love. With every exhale, more of this love surrounds them. They stop fighting and forget they were once armies. They all gently rest on the soil beneath them, not minding if what was once an army of light was now touching and resting with what was once an army of darkness.

Great love went into their hearts and spread within their beings, awakening the awareness within them that they are love, they always have been love and anything else is a lesson and an expression- an experience to be had.

They rest and remember truth. We are love.

Love transcends light and darkness. Love is the absence of duality. Love unites and creates balance. Love is the answer.

When darkness and light are presented to one another, light commonly will try to fight darkness, resulting in some darkness infiltrating the light and darkness feeling repelled by light. There is conflict. When love shines to touch darkness and light, there is balance and oneness as they unite in blissful awakening.


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