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Welcome to Earth

Welcome to Earth. There are bodies of water that stretch farther than the eyes can see, mountains where you can touch the clouds, forests with an endless abundance of food and resources, and more animals and plants than you can explore in 1 lifetime.

There are many kind individuals here, some more kind than others. The animals and human children will feel you and your intentions strongly. When you are full of love they will feel safe and drawn to you, and when you are full of rage they may share that rage with you or respond in fear.

This world will adapt around you while transforming with you. The weather changes. In some places, you may feel warm and comfortable; as if you are living without skin. In other areas you may feel drowned and suffocated in the extreme heat, dehydrating, and potentially feeling burning sensations. There are also places where it is so cold that liquid can freeze midair, your breath will be seen with every exhale, and there will be no green.

Do not worry about these conditions though, your body is naturally built to adjust and adapt to these extremes, and for that that you struggle with, your mind and soul will share the tools to assist.

This Earth and your body are in perfect harmony, just remember to follow your intuition, embrace peace and love, only take what you need, give to others, and receive the blessings of love, light, community, and positive abundance.

This world does have pain too. Sometimes a lot of it while other times life will feel quite easy and supported. There is a virus called fear that has spread amongst many humans. This virus has mutated into hate, anger, resentment, sadism, violence, and other acts of abuse. Thankfully, some have immunity to this virus while others have strong defenses towards it. Many have received it but managed to heal and gain natural antibodies.

You don’t have to be afraid of gaining this virus as that state of mind can increase your chances of reception. Sometimes it is necessary to be infected in order to heal, experience it, learn, then let go. It has its purpose and recovering from it can make you see life in a new way and help others recover too.

The most common virus that is spread is the fear of change and loss. Many people want much more than they need because at some point in their life they were taught that this was an essential goal to move towards and to feel excited about the potential of it, or at some point in their life they didn’t have enough and they never wish to be in that place again. Many people are afraid of change because this creates an out of comfort experience. It makes it so that morals and lifelong beliefs are questioned- many people think their beliefs are their personality and hold onto them for dear life. If a belief or moral is questioned and evaluated, many people will become defensive because the virus created fear of the possibility of ignorance and being wrong.

There is something very important and essential to hear and remember; it is okay to be wrong. It is okay to not know something. It is okay to change, even if you believed something or did it for decades. This acceptance of change is the only way to truly grow and learn as a human being. It is essential for peace and happiness.

Please never blame yourself for doing something that caused harm to others if you didn’t know it was causing harm or even didn’t care because now you care, you know now, and you were willing to open your heart and mind to empathetic change.

Your past does not define what your present can hold. The only thing you are responsible for is the choices you make in the present moment. When you choose kindness, compassion, empathy, and unity in the present moment and you continue to choose this as the present moment continues to happen for the rest of your life, then you will truly complete your life purpose.

So, why are you here on Earth? To spread love. To be the change and ignite positive change in others. To protect your home and all that is natural and beautiful. To choose peace. To reduce suffering. To be happy and spark joy in others. To realize that every moment you make a difference, so what difference will you choose?


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