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Letting Go to Embrace You- SOURCE LOVE

The art of letting go is remembering your most genuine self. You are love. You are a being of love. You naturally embody love. Anything and everything else is an attachment, a lesson, a learning opportunity- an experience to bring you back to yourself. Feel your origin, remember the love you are. Experience blissful awakening by letting go.

Find the root of each attachment. What do you need to share love with in you? Which parts of yourself need love? Attachment is rooted in fear, it is the opposite of flowing. It is holding onto stagnant energy and identifying with it. Love flows. Love is free. Love is real. Love is powerful. We are love. Love evolves, love shifts, love spreads, love is love.

So come back, release the luggage of attachments you have held on to so tightly.

Release every aspect that has attached to you that is not the real you. You are joyful, peaceful, connective source love! Feel it, feel you, feel and embrace the real you, and release the illusion.

What inspires your heart? What awakens love within you? Who are you? You are love! Remember who you are and embrace the present. The present love is flowing all around you and in you. The present is expanding in experience. The present is every experience and expression of love. You as a whole, all oneness of this universe and beyond, are love.

Fear is a lesson. Love is home. Love is us. Love is real.

It’s time to let go.


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