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There are no past lives, there is only energy. Time is not linear, our perception of time is linear which is quite limited. Release attention of the brain's capacity to process and go beyond. Reunite with source, be in pure awareness as consciousness, and all becomes clear.

Clear your mind, awaken your senses, experience life as blissful love.

Limits are only determined by perception which can be perceived as “beliefs”. Beliefs are duality. The world itself contains the word “lie” and the words “be lief” aka “be life”. Duality is the separation of self instead of the experience of oneness. We are all source love incarnated, that is all there is to it.

Fear was created for the sole purpose of awakening our love’s strength and power to the greatest extent. It is a lesson, an obstacle, not created to weaken us but instead created to expand our capacity to create and alchemize.

Alchemy is the ability to transform. You can alchemize fear into love, darkness into light, anger into kindness, grief into passion, depression into inspiration, steel into gold, plastic into plants, all of hatred into all of love. Creation is alchemy. Alchemy is manifestation. Manifestation is power. Power is love. We are love. And so the cycle continues.

Opening up your senses, going beyond the common 5, internalizing love and externalizing all. Releasing the boundaries and borders between life and death. There is no life and no death, there is energy. Life alchemizes into spirit, spirit alchemizes into life. There is no difference, only awakened perspective or learning to awaken perspective.

So come, feel me now, hear me now, intuitively process me now. I am not me and you are not you. We are not separate. I am not the one who is Chloe. I am not even the one who is Araya Love. I am neither and all. Nothing and everything. One and the same. Release the illusion and you shall know. You can’t desire it, desire is attachment and attachment is fear. Fear is the lesson you are learning how to alchemize into love. So release it, surrender to cosmic consciousness, to source love that is you and me and all and from there, that is it. From there all of me and all of you are complete. From there we are not us, we are.

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keep spreading vibes that made you cherish it ❤️ much love ✨

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