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Mother Earth Consciousness Channeling 1

I unconditionally love you all. Each and every one of you. You feel my love on a daily basis, you feel me, you connect with me in your heart and by your physical form. As long as you are on earth then we continue to be connected, we remain one. When you feel lost then connect back home. Home is your body, home is the animals, home is the plants, home is the soul and most importantly, home is love.

You have to remember who you are. You never forget but you may suppress it. Come to terms with your passions and with who you are.

It is time to go on a journey. It is time to close your eyes, open your heart and listen. Listen to the beat and dance of the drum that is your heartbeat, listen to the forest and the ecosystem that is a part of your DNA, a part of your being, listen to who you are in its totality. You are the river, the moss, the sound of running water, the lake, the ocean, the kiss, the smile, the breath, the cough, the collapse, and the rise. You embody it all in every waking and resting moment.

You require rest, you require moments of relaxation and reflection. You require peace. You are peace. You cannot forget that you are peace. You embody what you are as well as what you believe you are, so trust. Trust in your intuition. Trust in nature, trust in love, trust in you, trust in the universe, understand. All you have to do is be open. As soon as you open up then you will understand.

Unless you feel lost beyond a path, find your path within. You have to learn how to receive the answers yourself. You may start by going towards others who you trust intuitively but at a certain point that information will no longer be valid to you as it will be time to fully get the answers within, to feel the answers, to find them yourself, and to talk to the trees, the bees, the dogs, your ancestors and all in between- below and above.

Time is not here to prevent you from achieving your goals, it is designed to help you achieve them, to give you a specific amount of space to achieve them, and to set goals. Time teaches responsibility and lessons. It was not created to be a fear factor but instead to be a guide.

It is time to revisit your goals. What peace, positive change and love do you wish to leave and receive? For a select few or for everyone?

If money no longer existed, if time was not seen as an obstacle, if your perceived limits did not exist then what would you create and go towards?

Take a minute. Rest. Listen. Think. Reflect. Peace. Love. Compassion.

Now do it. There is no time to not do it. This is your life. This is your passion. What aspects of life bring you pure unconditional love? Think of the love, think of the light, think of the compassion, not the desire. Desire becomes irrelevant at this time. Life changes. It molds, it shifts, it breathes.

You are a loving, breathing, feeling, experiencing creature and you deserve unconditional love like each and every species.

Now it becomes time to look within yourself and your diet. What is it that you consume and does it serve you? Consuming suffering shall not serve you, it will steal from you. It will steal that love, that compassion, that bright everlasting energy within you. It will create fear, pain, hatred, depression, jealousy, and unnecessary pain. It will cause conflict. War causes conflict. Committing to acts of violence such as taking the life of an animal is an act of war.

Let us move forward, if meat is an act of war then what is an act of love? Growth is an act of love. Feeding the earth is an act of love, growing plants, caring for them, nurturing them, and only taking what you must is an act of love. Treating them when they are sick, not for you but for the plant itself is an act of love.

Fruit is the act of giving and receiving. I: Mother Earth give fruit; for love, laughter, joy, and creation. You plant a seed when the eat the fruit of the mother and of earth and fertilize it with your matter. It is not waste, it is life. You give this to the earth when you consume the gift and drop the seeds onto fresh soil or into the forest. You contribute to life.

You naturally coexist with nature. You naturally have enough. You are naturally a Pranic energy and fruit consumer.

Learn from the earth herself, learn from your compassion. Learn from your heart, your mind, and your experiences. When you feel rejection to the act of nonviolence then take a moment to step back and ask why?

Ask the defensive and energy resistant parts of you, why? Why with compassion. Why with love and why with light. Not why with judgment.

When you communicate with yourself, when you feel unconditional love with yourself, when you take the time to love and understand yourself then all else in life will align. You are allowed to feel grief and heal things.

Life is always changing. Don’t take it personally. The modalities you use to heal will change, the effectiveness of the past will not be present in the future. Always allow yourself to continue to move forward and allow yourself to change.

Many times the rose will wilt. You are not the rose. You are the petals. You transform constantly. You are a part of the whole but you are the petals. You bloom and you lose color, you transform into the earth, into the loving soil to create more roses. You come back, you experience life in a new way. You are no longer the petals. This time you are the stem. Your life lasts longer but winter comes. You do not reject winter as you know that it is time to transform and to let go.

What you think you know changes in every moment.

Now you come back as a seed. You have been pollinated. You have now been dropped and lightly floated back to the Earth. You have never been better than anyone else and you never will be. No one has ever been better than you and they never will be. You have a purpose as does every other individual.

You must grow. You grow from birth to death than after death than to birth, to death, to after death, and beyond death. Then beyond that.

There is nothing set in stone as stones do erode.


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