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You are Beyond Infinite Love

Swim in the sky

Float above the clouds

You are capable of life beyond the mystery

Let me tell you something. There is no mystery. You are not who you said you were. You are beyond that. You are beyond infinite. You are an unconditional love flower blooming in ecstasy.

Now be that. Feel that. Let go of what limits you and holds you back. Embrace the present. Embrace who you are. Discover the flaming love that shines brightest from within. Go within. Explore. Forget what you are grasping onto dear life for. Melt. Let go. Release. You are caught by unconditional love and this love sets you free.

Explore the realm of love and be here. Be you. Embrace the creation that unfolds in front of you and within you.

Go. I unlock your cage. Spread your wings and learn to trust them. They follow your intention. Life manifests from your mind to your existential reality. You have to learn how to embrace your power and know that there was never a cage. All there was, was a bug floating by. Your attention was brought to this bug but this bug was a trick, a hypnosis by that that preys on the trusting follower, those who do not trust their own wings but instead the scenery that surrounds, those who melt into the veil instead of the love from within. Are you here for the wedding ceremony of life or for the love that will sustain?

Close your eyes and experience true love. You are here for reason. Spread love. The animals are our friends and the Earth: our home and temporary power source for creation and experience. Connect to Earth with gratitude and her home shall give you fruit to eat, love to grow, land to roam, water to cleanse, and organic matter occupied by a relatable consciousness to learn what it means to be here.

Hello, I see you. The real you. The one who has dropped the veil, left the wedding, and floated out to see to merge with the spirit of the great tiger shark to make amends with the big blue Earth.

Open. Fly. You are love.


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